Epi25 Data Proposals and Analyses

To use Epi25 data:

Now that data analyses are underway, the Strategy Committee, Analysis Committee, and Executive Committees have worked to harmonize the charter into a protocol for new research proposals using Epi25 data. Investigators who wish to use the Epi25 data set should:

  • Complete the application online here.
  • Return with CV of primary investigator to Catharine Freyer.
  • Review of applications by the Epi25 Strategy Committee takes 2-4 weeks.

Flow Chart of Analysis Proposal:

Epi25 Flow Chart.png

Analyses and Publications with Epi25:

From the Epi25 Charter:

All project proposals must include a specific publishing/authorship plan.

Typically the plan will be one of the following three options taken from the MS model:

  1. A full Epi25 Collaborative paper: The Epi25 Collaborative is listed as the author (along with other Collaboratives/Consortia, as appropriate), with a list of individual contributors made according to the journal’s style preference.  No individual Member will be designated as a corresponding author – the corresponding author will be listed as the Epi25 Collaborative with a mailing and email address.
  2. A partial Epi25 Collaborative paper: Individual authors listed. The Collaborative name is included in the author list, along with other Collaboratives/Consortia, as appropriate. (This option must include a list of authors.)
  3. A local paper: Simply acknowledges the Epi25 Collaborative.

All publications by the Collaborative will be open-access.

Junior scientists (PhD students, postdoctoral fellows) will be given preference in presenting data of the Collaborative at conferences.

Collaborative members will be reasonable and self-critical in their claims for authorship.

All members of the Collaborative are bound by a "no surprise" policy with respect to Epi25 data and possibly interfering data from individual groups. The members acknowledge that "conflict of interest" can have a wide range of interpretations within the international framework of the Collaborative.  Therefore, members are encouraged to proactively indicate conflicts if they feel that they might arise.

Collaborators Agree (from the Charter):

  1. To consider participation in primary analyses and secondary analyses proposed by the Epi25 Collaborative, subject to constraints or limitations that I can impose in each case.
  2. To abide by the guidelines for authorship and publication, and other guidelines described in this document.
  3. To openly declare conflicts of interests that will arise during the participation of Epi25, such as the participation in related projects, awareness of information that significantly alters the interpretation of Epi25 data, or commercial interests regarding to results of the Epi25 data.
  4. To try and solve conflicts relating to data arising from Epi25 jointly and peacefully. Such a situation may arise if data from the Collaborative would add to pre-existing projects of two or more collaborators, resulting in conflicts regarding the use of the data. If a joint decision cannot be reached, the decision of the Strategy committee is binding.
  5. Not to distribute or communicate any privileged information to individuals who are not members without consent of the entire Collaborative. This includes any other existing collaborators who are not members of the Epi25 Collaborative. Privileged information includes results of any unpublished analyses completed by members of the Collaborative.
  6. Not to distribute or copy any data collected by the Collaborative without prior written consent of all Strategy Committee members.
  7. That the Epi25 Collaborative Strategy Committee will review and evaluate future scientific opportunities, and will make recommendations regarding the needed expertise and research program to maximize those opportunities in the best possible way.
  8. That failure to uphold this agreement may result in my expulsion from the Epi25 Collaborative (but I will still be bound by publication moratorium on Epi25 Collaborative work, as described above).